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Long Island

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Become part of the caring Jewish community on Long Island. Whether you live in the North Shore, South Shore or in Suffolk county, you can join members of your community in supporting UJA-Federation.

Join UJA-Federation of New York on Long Island for events, special briefings, volunteer days, and Jewish educational programs. Help support nearly 100 health, human-service, relief, educational, and community-building agencies on Long Island, in Westchester, in New York City, in Israel, and in communities around the world.

Through your support of UJA-Federation, our beneficiary agencies can stock local food pantries, train people who have lost their jobs, offer critical mental-health counseling during these difficult economic times, and much more.

Business and Professionals Division

Through shared values, meet other people in your profession.
Support services you care about. Connect to your community.

Real Estate, Building Materials, and Allied Industries
Contact Bari Ziegel at 516.677.1830 or .

Physicians and Dentists
Contact Irwin Gershon at 516.677.1818 or .

UJA-Federation’s Connect to Care on Long Island

UJA-Federation’s Connect to Care offers special programs within the Jewish community to help offset the impact of the economic crisis, including:

  • Employment and career counseling.
  • Financial consulting and legal services.
  • Mental-health counseling and spiritual programs.

In Nassau County, contact 516.484.1545 ext. 212 or .
In Suffolk County, contact 631.486-2521 or .

SYNERGY on Long Island

  • Strengthens synagogue leadership and resources.
  • Reinforces local synagogues as centers for Jewish life.
  • Provides professional educational opportunities.

To learn more about SYNERGY, contact Ewa Maniawski at 516.677.1833 or .


Connections is dedicated to providing Jewish families with the resources and opportunities to strengthen their Jewish connections and ensure the Jewish identity of their children. Contact Orna Sheena at 516.677.1832 or .

For More Information

Contact UJA-Federation in Long Island at 516.677.1800 or .