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Manhattan Division

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Engage with individuals and families from varied career paths at educational programs, missions, and events designed to expand your knowledge and awareness of the metropolitan Jewish community and communities around the world. Connect with individuals through what’s in their hearts and minds, not on their calendars.

Our programs are stimulating and rewarding — whether you’re a mother-to-be or an empty nester, and whether you’re thinking about marriage or retirement.

Join with like-minded individuals to support the lifesaving work of UJA-Federation of New York and its network of beneficiary agencies.

  • Enjoy events, programs, and lectures supporting UJA-Federation.
  • Gain knowledge about issues and challenges facing our community.
  • Learn about UJA-Federation’s work locally and abroad.
  • Climb the leadership ladder through involvement on committees and task forces.

The Manhattan Division fosters many unique and exciting groups:


UJA-Federation of New York works together with rabbis, cantors, Jewish educators, and volunteer leaders at area synagogues to strengthen Jewish institutions and make synagogues the center of Jewish life in communities throughout the area.

We help synagogues strengthen their Jewish studies programs, increase membership, expand human-service efforts, develop leadership, and operate more efficiently.

Our aim is to support Jewish life today and for tomorrow. And through our shared commitment to Jewish life, we strive to make synagogues vital centers of community, learning, and spiritual renewal.

The Manhattan Division creates opportunities for all synagogue members to participate in UJA-Federation events. We work with synagogues to honor congregants at breakfasts, brunches, and dinners; provide exciting speakers on thought-provoking topics; and bring lively events to the community.

Each synagogue event honors a longtime member of the congregation and a newer member whose dedication to the community and the synagogue are laudable.

For more information, please contact Bruce Weiser at 212.836.1844 or .


Share your time and talents with those who are less fortunate.

  • Make holiday food packages for homebound elderly.
  • Spend some time with a lonely senior.
  • Do arts and crafts with special-needs children.

Mitzvah Programs

UJA-Federation offers many opportunities for Manhattan residents and families to participate in mitzvah projects.

For More Information

Contact Cindy Cutler at 212.836.1140 or .
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