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Sports for Youth

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Sports for Youth, an initiative of UJA-Federation of New York, affirms the healing effect of sports on youngsters by enabling children of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as all ages and athletic abilities, to enjoy sports.

Sports for Youth provides grants for programs at UJA-Federation’s network of nearly 100 beneficiary agencies throughout the five boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island, and select projects overseas.

Local agencies eligible for Sports for Youth funding include JCCs, Ys and camps, as well as human-service agencies with sports-related programs.

Sports for Youth programs benefit more than 12,000 children. Funded projects include refurbishing basketball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other sports facilities, as well as providing necessary sports and safety equipment, sports programming, and health and sports education.

Sports for Youth Committee
If you’re a senior level executive working in sports, the Sports for Youth Committee allows you to spearhead programs, make decisions about events, and connect with other philanthropic professionals. Contact Danielle Zalaznick for more details. Sports for Youth Committee members are voted onto the committee and make a minimum gift of $1,800 to UJA’s 2016 Annual Campaign.

Sports for Youth Team Members
If you’re a young professional in the sports business, this exclusive group gives you the opportunity to directly access top experts and industry professionals, connect with other young professionals, attend the Sports for Youth Annual Luncheon, and much more. Sports for Youth team memberships are open to young professionals who make a minimum gift of $1,100* to UJA-Federation of New York’s 2016 Annual Campaign.

Sports for Youth Annual Luncheon

Each year, Sports for Youth celebrates a professional dedicated to leadership, philanthropy, and bringing sports to underprivileged children. Honorees include:

  • Howard Katz
  • Christine Driessen
  • The Lazarus Family: John, Mark, Craig & Peter
  • Michael Levine
  • Joe Steranka
  • Russell Wolff
  • Dick Ebersol
  • Gary B. Bettman and Linda Cohn
  • Brett Yormark and Kenneth Podziba
  • Don Garber
  • Donna Orender
  • Mark Shapiro
  • Willis Reed
  • Joe Torre
  • Craig Masback

Exclusive Briefing and Panel Series

These intimate discussions feature leaders in the field of sports who share their visions, ideas, and insights on the current state of their industry.

Briefing Participants

  • Lisa Baird, United States Olympic Committee
  • David Berson, CBS Sports
  • Chris Bevilacqua, Bevilacqua Helfant Ventures
  • Neil Glat, New York Jets
  • David Levy, Turner Broadcasting System
  • Jon Miller, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network
  • Mike Reisman, Velocity Sports & Entertainment
  • Lewis Sherr, United States Tennis Association
  • Russell E. Wolff, ESPN International
  • Gary Zenkel, NBC Olympics NBC Sports Group

For More Information

Contact Danielle Zalaznick at 212.863.1453 or .
EMC events
Wednesday, March 8
6:30 pm
Tech Division Award Celebration
Sunday, March 19
12:00 am
New York City Half-Marathon
Monday, April 24
6:30 pm
Global Marketing Leadership Award Dinner
Saturday, April 29
12:00 am
William Rosenwald Mission to Israel


Peter Land*, Donna Orender*, Russell E. Wolff*

Harrie Bakst, David Berson*, Gary B. Bettman, Stephen A. Ehrlich, Seth J. Finkel, Don Garber, Kenny Gersh*, Leslie Gittess*, Neil Glat, Josh Gold, Frank Golding, Andy Gould, Jeff Graubard, Eric Guthoff, Lauren Halpern, Howard Handler, Lauren Hendricks, Eva Hoffman, Adam Holzer, Anna Isaacson, Todd Jacobson, Cliff Kaplan, Seth Ladetsky, Barbara Leshinsky*, Michael Levine*, Danielle Maged, Hillary Mandel, Amy Oltchick, Kenneth Podziba, Mike Reisman*, Sharon Richter, David Robinov, Howard J. Rubenstein, Dan Sabreen, Lewis Sherr, David J. Stern, David Sternberg, Frank Supovitz, Jeff Volk, Keith Wachtel, Gary Zenkel, Andrew Zinberg*, and Marc Zwerdling

*Sports for Youth Executive Committee Member