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Connect with hundreds of other law professionals who are dedicated to advancing UJA-Federation of New York’s mission.

Setting the Bar

These exclusive events feature top attorneys and other professionals discussing how they got to where they are today, and how community involvement and philanthropy complement their careers. Past guest speakers include Judge Jed Rakoff, senior United States district judge, Southern District of New York; Andrew Ross Sorkin, anchor, CNBC; Dan Och, chairman and chief executive officer, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group; Cy Vance, New York County district attorney; Neil Barofsky, senior fellow, Center on the Administration of Criminal Law, New York University and adjunct professor, NYU Law School; Julie Swidler, executive vice president, business affairs and general counsel, Sony Music Entertainment; and Jay Lefkowitz, senior litigation partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP; and Emily Bazelon, host of Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast and staff writer for The New York Times Magazine. This series is intended for attorneys in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s who contribute $1,000 or more to UJA’s annual campaign. The series is also open to first-year law associates who are donors of $500 or more to UJA’s annual campaign.

Community and Volunteer Events

Opportunities to engage with peers are tremendous, from the cross-trades dodgeball tournament to our elegant Young Lawyers After Dark celebration, which follows the Annual Event and hosts more than 300 established young attorneys for cocktails and dessert. Experience our meaningful work firsthand by volunteering at one of UJA’s beneficiary agencies or spending quality time with people helped by UJA-funded programs.

The group also hosts myriad smaller community-building events, like regular Shabbat dinners with well-known guest speakers, and often partners with other young professional groups for conversations, projects, and programs.

Leadership Committee

The governing body of the Young Lawyers Division meets five times a year and includes more than 45 young attorneys spanning the legal field. Each member of the Leadership Committee makes a gift of at least $1,000 to UJA’s annual campaign.

Members of the Leadership Committee:

  • Assume a leadership role in planning our programs and events.
  • Advance UJA’s crucial mission.
  • Engage with dynamic speakers.
  • Connect with other committee members.

Next-Generation Bankruptcy

Senior associates and young partners in the bankruptcy field interested in philanthropy can join the  Next Generation Bankruptcy and Reorganization Group. Each year, the overall Bankruptcy and Reorganization Group hosts a not-to-be-missed event for bankruptcy attorneys in New York City that attracts more than a thousand attendees.

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Leadership Committee

Ilana Golant
David Snyder
Aryeh Zuber

Vice Chairs
Marcia Kahnowitz
Doron Kenter

Setting the Bar Chair
Adam Levine

Community Chair
Lee Goldberg

Committee Members
Josh Abrams
Shari Alexander
Stephanie Knepper Basman
Emily Belfer
Jarret Berg
Melissa Berger
Jonathan Bernstein
Noam Besdin
Stephanie Biderman
Eric Bienenfeld
Daniel Blaser
Logan Booth
Beth Brownstein
Alexander Chester
Adam Cohen
Lindsay Danas Cohen
Irina Dula
Leah Edelboim
Jill Ellman
David Estrakh
Matthew Foreman
Brian Forman
Lindsey Friedman
Scott Fryman
Gabriel Gershowitz
Meredith Gordon
Jamie Greenfield
Phara Guberman
Jamie Hacker
Matt Heimann
Adam Herbst
Sara Hiltzik
Elisheva Hirshman
Alli Holzberg
Cheryl Howard
Steven Interrante
Jacob Jenkelowitz
Lana Kalickstein
Aaron Karp
Joshua Kaufman
Erica Kerman
Kate Klausner
Irina Kobylevsky
Adam Kravitz
Jamie Kringstein
Evan Lederman
Matthew Levy
Noah Liben
Benjamin Lilien
Sarah Lippman
Lauren Lipson
Marissa Litwin
Jessica Lurie
Sharon Makowsky
Gillad Matiteyahu
Jillian Merns
Stephanie Messas
Akiva Miller
Jessica Nachman
Ben Natter
Edward Neiger
Corey Omer
Abbie Pappas
Sam Pollack
Adam Rachlis
Jonathan Reinstein
Tamar Rosenberg
Shane Rosen-Gould
Ariel Rotenberg
Ariel G. Roth
Stacy Rotner
Stephen Rutenberg
Matthew Salloway
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