Hurricane Dorian Relief

Join the relief effort! We’re organizing supply collection drives at community centers, synagogues, and Hillels throughout New York.

For locations and details, please click here.


The situation:

In the aftermath of the strongest hurricane on record in the Bahamas, the death toll is rising and approximately 70,000 people have been left homeless. With our partners in disaster relief and other nonprofits on the ground, we’re working to provide desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Our response:

  • Thanks to our connections with representatives from a local Bahamian organization, Coral Vita, working with local authorities (Grand Bahama Port Authority) and prominent disaster response organizations (Team Rubicon and 3rd Wave), we’re able to respond in real time to help them address immediate needs on the ground and coordinate relief efforts.
  • We’ve been in frequent contact over the last week with the Afya Foundation and have put them in touch with Coral Vita so that relief will get to those most in need. Working initially through the Bahamian Consulate, Afya is setting up an operation similar to what existed in Puerto Rico to provide medical professionals with vital medical supplies and people in need with critical humanitarian aid.
  • To that end, we have secured a private plane from a generous donor, which will enable us to get life-saving medicine (insulin) and biomedical equipment (portable EKGs, battery-run nebulizers, pulse oximeters, and more) into the hands of medical professionals and their patients.
  • With Afya, we are coordinating the shipment and delivery of 500-600 pairs of Naot shoes that were generously donated by a UJA donor who also supported relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
  • UJA has established a fund in support of hurricane relief.  One hundred percent of donations will be used to provide critical aid to those in the Bahamas and other affected areas.

Check back here for more updates.