We have $150,000 to advance one "big idea" that deepens the connection between New Yorkers and Israelis around shared goals. You decide where it goes!

It's All in the Family is a campaign we created to encourage Israeli and American Jews to work alongside each other to improve our communities and solve shared challenges. The ultimate goal is to complete a project that achieves our vision of a strong global family.

We’ve selected five finalists and asked each to respond to these four questions:

  1. Tell us in 15 seconds … what is the problem you’re trying to solve?
  2. How does your solution bring together New Yorkers and Israelis? 
  3. What’s unique about your approach? 
  4. Why is this important right now? 

Learn about the projects in their video submissions below.

Voting is open and accessible to all. Anyone in our community who wants a vote, gets a vote.
Together, arm in arm, let’s create a better world.


Building Bridges Through Joint Humanitarian Aid Missions

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Through the IsraAid Project, Israelis and New Yorkers will tackle some of the world’s most pressing needs and bring support to communities in crisis across the globe through joint humanitarian action.

IsraAID's New York Humanitarian Network will recruit professionals and college students to support our disaster response and international development work around the world, providing essential training and know-how with IsraAID experts. They’ll then deploy alongside their Israeli counterparts to make a real difference to vulnerable populations recovering from emergencies in the U.S. and internationally, before returning home to raise awareness and strengthen their community’s links to IsraAID’s lifesaving work.

Creating Inclusive Community for LGBTQ+ Jews in Israel and NY

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Jewish LGBTQ+ youth in Israel and around the world don’t always feel secure expressing their sexual and gender identity because of pervading ideas that one cannot be Jewish and LGBTQ+. And those who end up suffering the most are LGBTQ+ youth within the Jewish community who are exposed to violence and isolation. The IGY project (in Israel), together with JQY (in New York), aims not only to strengthen and empower LGBTQ+ youth but also to build bridges between different parts of the Jewish community — and beyond — to fight violence, racism, and homophobia.

American and Israeli College Students Innovating Together

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INNO/CENT/XYZ – Innovation Center & Xchange for Gen Y and Z is an initiative of Sapir College and Beit Berl College (in Israel) and the Bronfman Center at NYU (New York University). The goal is to let Jewish art students in New York and Israel tell each other and the wider world what THEIR big ideas are.

INNO/CENT/XYZ enables students to meet, share problems, explore possibilities, have space to talk and listen to each other — and gives them cameras to document and share their experiences. The idea is that through thinking, doing, and filming together, connecting will be easy, continuous, and contagious. And that fresh, new encounters will open pathways to many ongoing connections.

Welcoming the Stranger Through Pro Bono Support in NY and Israel

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The world is facing the largest ever refugee crisis, including millions of desperate asylum seekers in search of protection, safety, and basic human rights.

HIAS proposes an innovative project that will i) enhance the pro bono capacity of Jewish attorneys and networks in the U.S. and Israel and ii) increase free legal representation for asylum seekers in both countries, reflecting the shared Jewish values and history of welcoming and protecting the stranger.

Interventions will focus on peer learning, training, and sharing experiences between the flourishing pro bono system in New York and the nascent but vibrant pro bono community in Israel.

Orthodoxy Includes Women: A Conference for Israelis and New Yorkers

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From Jerusalem to New York, Jewish women’s voices have often been missing from the decision-making table in Orthodox life. Though the conversation revolves around women and their place, women are largely absent from it. Chochmat Nashim (in Israel) and the Orthodox Leadership Project (in New York) are putting women back in the picture and giving them a seat at the table. Our project brings New Yorkers and Israelis together for a daylong conference that will grapple with these issues to shape an Orthodoxy that’s inclusive of women while still respecting tradition. The conference will bring halachic, communal, and social leaders together to tackle the issues that divide us head on with the common goal of a better future for the entire Jewish community.




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