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Whatever your role in healthcare, you strive to improve people’s lives through your work. At UJA Healthcare, we share a passion for taking care of our community and making the world a better, healthier place. 

Join us and share exclusive UJA social, learning, and philanthropic opportunities specifically tailored with you in mind. 

Our Impact

  • 519,300 hours of mental health services provided around the world.

  • 355,000 New Yorkers helped through our Covid relief hubs and food interventions.

  • $14.3 million in emergency cash assistance distributed worldwide.

  • 40,700 people receive employment services globally.

  • 91,600 meals provided to seniors and Holocaust survivors in the FSU.

  • 85,800 at-risk Israeli children benefit from services.

Explore Our Communities

Lee H. Perlman

Healthcare Cabinet (in formation)
Donald Ashkenase
Jerome Breslaw, M.D.
Allan Brook, M.D.
Lawrence Bryskin, M.D.
Edward Burns, M.D.
Jeffrey Crespin, M.D.
Eileen Cutler, M.D.
Lawrence Cutler, M.D.
Kenneth Davis, M.D.
Dennis Goodman, M.D.
Jack Gorman, M.D.
Shalom Kalnicki, M.D.
Nancy Kemeny, M.D.
Samuel Klagsburn, M.D.
Susan Klugman, M.D.
Andrew Koenigsberg, D.D.S.
David Kriegel, M.D.
Oscar Lebwohl, M.D.
Mark Lipton, M.D.
Donald Liss, M.D.
Peter May
Mia Minen, M.D.
Frank Moore, M.D.
Lee Perlman
Paula Rackoff, M.D.
Gail Schattner, M.D.
Gail Schupak, D.D.S.
Joel Stein, M.D.
Jeffrey Weiss, M.D.
Philip Wilner, M.D.
Arnold Wilson, M.D.


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