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Adama Tova: Where Parents Mend Hearts and Find Solace in Each Other
April 18th, 2024
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<p><em>Omri, age 28, was killed at the Nova music festival.</em></p>

Omri, age 28, was killed at the Nova music festival.

Friends described 28-year-old Omri Ram as a “North Star” who guided the way for others.

Omri, who loved sports, travel, and music, was one of 400 vibrant young people viciously murdered by Hamas at the Nova music festival, which was billed as a gathering promoting peace and love. His parents, Menashe and Merav, felt isolated in their grief. And then they discovered Adama Tova (Good Earth).

The brainchild of Einat Haimovich, a social worker and longtime member of the trance music community, and her partner, Yiftach Shahar, Adama Tova was created as a place where broken parents could come find hope and healing. Located at the couple’s moshav just south of Tel Aviv, it’s one of the newest initiatives UJA is funding as part of the more than $94 million we’ve allocated for Israel to date.   

Some 50 volunteers come to help in numerous ways — from serving hot soup to incorporating Tibetan sound bowls into meditation and body work and art therapy.  

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<p><em>Menashe, Omri's father, holds up a picture of his son.</em></p>

Menashe, Omri's father, holds up a picture of his son.

Omri’s father shared how he found community at Adama Tova.

“In the beginning after Nova, we were all alone,” Menashe recalled. “We got support from family and friends, yes, but we had to experience the loss and feel it all by ourselves. Adama Tova was the first place we went where we could just breathe easier.”

“Sometimes, in the circle of parents we met with, we would even find ourselves laughing,” he said with wonder. “I had forgotten how to laugh.”

In Menashe’s eyes, Einat and Yiftach are “like angels on the ground.”

Einat says, “People describe Adama Tova as a second family, and it means a lot to me that we can help so many people, as difficult as it is to watch people struggle with their grief and trauma. October 7 didn’t end for so many people, and we have to continue to be there for them.” 


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