Four Questions for David Rothman

David Rothman has been part of UJA Young Leaders for over a decade and is the incoming vice chair of the division. He helped launch Time for Good, UJA’s volunteer initiative, has traveled on a number of UJA missions, and cares deeply about giving back to the community. We spoke with David about his UJA experience.


(Q) How did you get involved with UJA Young Leaders?
(A) I’ve been involved since I was three! I lived in Bergen County, New Jersey, and my parents would host events for our local UJA. I remember we hosted an event with former New York City Mayor Ed Koch — and ever since, learning about the importance of giving back became second nature. Once I graduated college, I decided to try out UJA by going to some events with friends. Ever since, my major philanthropic work has been at UJA — not just because of my parents’ involvement, but because I found a community here I really like.

(Q) What’s the most rewarding part of being involved with UJA?
(A) I love seeing volunteers in action and knowing that our dollars go to really important causes. Our annual 9/11 Day of Service is very meaningful to me, as was a dinner and dance we hosted at a senior center. Knowing the incredible impact taking just a little bit of time has on someone else’s life is what it’s all about.

(Q) What’s most surprised you about your UJA experience?
(A) The people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve built. I never thought I’d still be active in this after 13 years, let alone helping to lead the entire team of Young Leaders. When you come out of college, you never know what life has in store, and I feel like I’ve grown at UJA.

(Q) What would you recommend as a good starting point for someone who’s interested in UJA Young Leaders?
(A) Start by attending an event. There are plenty of very accessible events, and you’ll walk out of there with such a great feeling. You’re a young lawyer? Come meet other lawyers. Want to learn about real estate? Come to a real estate event. We do major kickoffs all the time with top executives, from fireside chats to large panels. Being part of UJA Young Leaders has been an amazing experience. I’m excited to see where it goes and am here to help in any way I can.


Questions about UJA Young Leaders? Contact Stephanie Holtz at or 212-836-1208.