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Coping With A New Normal
March 16th, 2020

Many people are overwhelmed with feelings of stress and anxiety related to the coronavirus outbreak, with questions about how to cope and help our families and elderly neighbors.

We asked Talia Levanon, co-founder and executive director of the Israel Trauma Coalition, to share her expertise on trauma and resiliency and how we can navigate our lives in this new reality. Talia shared her insights during a special CommUnity webinar.

Here are highlights from her talk:

  • Acknowledge the legitimacy of our feelings during a time when we are living in a state of emergency and creating a “new normal” in our lives
  • Get accurate information about COVID-19 — turn to trusted sources of information, not rumors
  • Focus on aspects of COVID-19 that affect you or your family directly, and limit exposure to the rest of the coronavirus news
  • As much as possible, maintain your daily schedule of waking up, exercise, meals, hobbies, and sleep
  • Acknowledge your feelings, but try not to have your mindset dwell on “this is terrible and it will never end” — instead focus on a sense of we’re all in this together and what you can do
  • Make phone calls, write letters, or send emails to people you know who are isolated
  • Keep your prayer group, book club, and other group meetings going online instead of in person, if you can – this creates a sense of togetherness and support
  • Together, we’ll find new responses as we go along

Tips for Parents

  • If you have children, try to model a sense of hope
  • Offer age appropriate information about COVID-19
  • Assign roles for kids to do their part so they feel a sense of control and worthiness
  • It’s OK to let your kids have more screen time than usual