In the last two weeks, I’ve written about the New York Jewish community coping with increased acts of anti-Semitic violence. At every turn, we’ve found strength and solace in the kindness of other communities who’ve shown up to say that there’s no place for hatred in this world we all share.

Today, we do the same.

We are heartbroken for the Muslim community of New Zealand in the wake of the horrific shootings. We know what it is to have our places of worship desecrated, and what it is to be targeted because of who we are. We feel the pain of our Muslim neighbors as they head into their mosques today. We also remember with gratitude how the Muslim community rallied around the Jewish community after the Tree of Life massacre.

UJA has sent representatives to vigils held across our city today, and we will continue to be there in solidarity as more gatherings are planned. We’re also working closely with our partners and local synagogues on ways we can support the Muslim community in this moment of grief and uncertainty.

As many of us walk into our synagogues for Shabbat services tonight and tomorrow, we will be praying that all sacred spaces remain as they should — sanctuaries and places of peace.

Shabbat shalom