Statements and Updates
Statement on the Death of George Floyd
June 1st, 2020

Hate in all its forms must be unequivocally condemned, and silence is complicit acceptance. UJA-Federation joins people of moral conscience everywhere in condemning the horrific killing of George Floyd.

Racism and inequality have cast a harsh shadow on this country for far too long, as the current pandemic and this most recent act have made painfully clearer. It is past time for change.

In January, when 25,000 Jews and non-Jews alike marched in New York against anti-Semitism under the banner of “No Hate/No Fear,” we stood united to say there is no place for hate in our communities. We say this now with no less conviction. Today and every day, we stand with all people who peacefully advocate against systemic racism.

UJA supports Jewish organizations seeking to build bridges with communities of color for the purpose of fighting all manifestations of hatred and bigotry. We helped establish the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable in New York to assist organizations working to advance awareness of racial inequities and educate our communities about the biases that tear at the fabric of society. This work is now more relevant than ever, and we’re committed to doing much more to bring people together against hatred, racism, and discrimination.

To honor George Floyd’s life, we have granted $50,000 to food banks and mutual aid societies in Minneapolis. We pray that Mr. Floyd’s senseless killing inspires lasting change as we move toward a more just and equitable society.