Statements and Updates
Statement on new SNAP rules
December 5th, 2019

The new SNAP rules announced yesterday by the Federal government will devastate low-income New Yorkers by denying them critical food benefits they rely on to feed their families.

It is not acceptable that in New York State over 100,000 people could lose their SNAP benefits.

These changes demonstrate a total lack of regard for how low-income Americans cope with the realities of employment, poverty, and food insufficiency. The USDA chose to ignore the tens of thousands of comments submitted against the proposed changes, which argued the changes were unrealistic, untenable, and would cause more Americans to go hungry.

There was no need to change the rules, as historically work waiver rules have proven to be reasonable, transparent, and manageable for states to operationalize.

All people deserve access to sufficient nutrition to feed their families, and this rule jeopardizes the well-being and dignity of our fellow New Yorkers. We are deeply troubled and disappointed in the USDA for this dangerous new edict.