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Support for Ukrainian Women Facing War Alone
March 2nd, 2022
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In the frigid cold, Olga*, a determined mom, walked her four children to the Ukrainian-Polish border so they could flee from the escalating war. Ana, a Jewish mom of two young children, made the heart-wrenching decision to abandon her home and escape to Bulgaria. 

Olga and Ana are just two of millions of Ukrainian women who are alone caring for their children, and often their elderly parents, as their nation now requires men from 18 to 60 to serve in the military. Families are navigating next steps as conditions are worsening and daily needs are mounting — from diapers and formula to medicine and clothing.

In response to these realities, UJA is funding our longtime partner Project Kesher, a grassroots organization with a significant presence in Ukraine that empowers local women to build Jewish communities. Our support will provide emergency assistance to single women and single moms for food and essentials and, if needed, the ability to seek safe passage to other parts of Ukraine or in Europe.

“We are working around the clock to identify women and families in need and get them emergency support,” says Karyn Grossman Gershon, Project Kesher CEO.

The group is also tapping into support from resources near and far — by training facilitators in Ukraine and Russian-speaking therapists based in Israel to take crisis calls. Because especially in times of crisis, women can find strength in one another and in the community that stands with them.

Read more about UJA's response to the Ukraine crisis and find out how you can help.

*Names have been changed.