The threat of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons and increasing its power in the Middle East is a matter of grave concern for the United States, Israel and the world at large.

UJA-Federation of New York strongly supports the goal of a diplomatic solution to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and greatly appreciates the hard work of President Obama and his administration. At the same time, we have serious concerns about aspects of the deal, including inspections and verification, the adequacy of snap-back sanctions, the release of billions of dollars to the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, weaponization activity, and Iran’s continuing nuclear capacity. These concerns demand extraordinarily diligent examination.

One of the foundational values and strengths of UJA-Federation is bringing together the entirety of the community. Another is a deep commitment to Israel and its people. And we believe that people who support Israel and yearn for peace can have different ideas about how to achieve the goal of alleviating the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. In our unique role as community convener, we have hosted multiple forums featuring experts representing different perspectives, in order to educate our community about the deal. We will continue to provide such opportunities, and urge respectful dialogue regarding these highly complex and consequential issues.

As always, UJA-Federation will continue to be there every day, focusing on our mission of bringing the community together to help more than 4.5 million people each year, and in strengthening Jewish communities and connections in New York, Israel and around the world.