Our investments go way beyond aleph-bets. We’re supporting high-quality Jewish education inside and outside the classroom.

Providing scholarships to day schools and yeshivot to make tuition affordable for more families. Investing in the needs of day school students with learning challenges. Educating the educators to create best practices and build skills around diversity, equity, and inclusion that create a culture of belonging. Offering innovative programs online and in person for teens. And enabling educational programming for Jewish adults of all backgrounds.

We're helping our community develop a foundation in Jewish values and learning for now and into the future.  

Why Jewish Education Matters

Hear some kids describe how their Jewish day school experiences have shaped who they are. 


Our Impact

We make it possible for children and families to have greater accessibility to the Jewish education that meets their needs.

  • We support nearly 300 Jewish day schools and yeshivot throughout New York City, Long Island, and Westchester through scholarships, endowments, teacher benefit packages, and professional training and development.

  • Through the Day School Challenge Fund Initiative we helped secure $84 million in endowment funds for New York Jewish day schools and yeshivot to sustain these schools for the future.

  • Our advocacy efforts helped secure $58 million in STEM funds (a 45% increase) from New York State.

  • We’re working to bolster the capacity of New York day schools and yeshivot to meet the needs of students with learning challenges. We’re supporting schools through incentive grants to deepen existing work or create new programs to better identify and support students with learning challenges.

  • Through the Shalom Hartman Institute we are helping New York Jewish day schools develop thoughtful Israel education that allows students to understand the history, diversity, and complexity of the Jewish homeland.