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Capital Gifts & Special Initiatives offers you the opportunity to work with trained professionals to personalize your charitable giving. You can build and name state-of-the-art facilities or provide ongoing support for high-priority projects, like the Community Initiative for Holocaust Survivors.

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Current Signature Initiatives

Right now, you can invest in places and programs that will move us into our second century with pride and strength. Join us to shape our collective future and learn more about our current signature initiatives.

Fight Poverty in New York

More than half a million Jewish New Yorkers live in poor or near-poor households. To break this cycle, we’re creating one-stop social service Hubs that provide dignified, holistic services including access to food, employment resources, case management, and more. We’re upgrading food pantries across our network by investing in 21st-century technology, that allows clients to order the food they want and need in a dignified, efficient way.

Shape the Next Generation

UJA owns campgrounds that house the largest Jewish day camp program in North America, engaging thousands of children and jumpstarting their Jewish journeys. But our facilities urgently need to be updated, and our programming reimagined. We’re now re-investing in these grounds to create strong Jewish connections for thousands of children, and to inspire a whole new generation of young leaders.

Invest in a Vibrant Jerusalem

As Israel faces increasing polarization between diverse segments of society, we seek to foster a vibrant, democratic, and inclusive Jewish state. We want it to be a place where all Jews feel at home — a place that reflects the remarkable diversity of its people. By investing in the Jerusalem Arts Campus in the eternal capital of the Jewish people — housing four prestigious art schools that focus on music, theater, film, and acting — we’ll solidify the city as a modern, creative hub that will sustain the country’s dynamic Jewish future.


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