Stand Together: Act

We’re petitioning Congress to pass legislation that will help prevent hate crimes like the Pittsburgh shooting. The NO HATE Act incentivizes cities to report hate crimes to the FBI by increasing the availability of reporting channels and training programs so they can better track, prevent, and defend against anti-Semitic attacks.

Hate crimes in the United States are on the rise — especially against Jews.

  • The FBI reported a 17% jump in hate crimes in 2017, with a 37% spike in hate crimes against Jews across the country.
  • According to the ADL, anti-Semitic incidents throughout the U.S. have nearly doubled since 2015.
  • Anti-Semitic hate crimes in New York City are up 63% in 2019 from the year before, according to the NYPD.

The NO HATE Act, introduced in both the House and the Senate, will enable the FBI to better track, assess, and ultimately reduce hate crimes — including acts of anti-Semitism — across the U.S. Currently, more than 90 cities don’t report hate crimes to the FBI, making it harder for them to prevent attacks across the country. This bill empowers state and local governments to improve hate-crime reporting through federal grants and amends penalties for hate crimes by allowing courts to require that offenders engage in education or service to the affected community.

Act now and make your voice heard.
Join UJA and add your name to urge Congress to pass the NO HATE Act.