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The Jack and Shirley Silver Hub

Before the pandemic, we had plans underway to build a one-stop social service Hub in an area of dense Jewish poverty in Queens, where clients of all backgrounds could receive an array of services — from job training to emotional support to food from a digital pantry — all under one roof. Our Jack and Shirley Silver Hub is here to empower tens of thousands of New Yorkers who need our help now more than ever before.

See how The Silver Hub is moving New Yorkers from crisis to stability.

The Silver Hub is the realization of a years-long initiative at the core of UJA’s mission — to do all we can to help those in poverty. And there’s never been a more pressing time.

— UJA CEO Eric S. Goldstein

The Silver Hub
In Action

A client comes in after she’s been laid off from her job because of Covid-19. With her savings running low, she’s not sure how to pay the rent or put food on the table for her family. At the Silver Hub, she’ll first meet one on one with a caseworker. Based on her skills and interests, the caseworker will direct her to a job-training program in an in-demand field. The caseworker will also help her access emergency cash assistance so she can pay her utility bills. A financial counselor will talk to her about budgeting. A lawyer will meet with her to walk her through steps she can take to prevent eviction. At the Silver Hub's digital food pantry, she’ll choose food that makes sense for her family’s preferences and allergies. She might have walked into the Silver Hub feeling dejected, but she’s walking out with a plan, and just as important, a sense of hope.

Featured Services

Case Management

As operators of the Hub, Commponpoint Queens is coordinating all of the resources available on-site to ensure that every client receives a package of services personalized to meet their unique needs. Their social workers are responsible for intake and mental health services, and their employment professionals are placing people in trainings and finding them jobs.

Legal Assistance

New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) is on-site providing critical financial and legal counseling.

Loan Funds

Hebrew Free Loan society is on-site to provide access to interest-free loans.

Digital Food Pantry

Met Council is providing kosher food for the Hub’s on-site digital pantry, where clients can choose the foods that make the most sense for their families. Healthy choices are incentivized.


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