Upward New York


Since Covid struck…

  • 36% of
    New Yorkers

    reported symptoms of depression and anxiety, with elderly and Holocaust Survivors acutely affected.

  • In NYC households affected by job loss,

    73% of New Yorkers

    feel depressed or hopeless.

  • 60% increase
    in calls

    to suicide helplines, according to The National Alliance on Mental Illness-NYC.

  • Holocaust survivors

    are coping with resurfaced trauma from an early life spent in hiding and years of food scarcity.

Anxiety, depression, isolation, and loss are widely experienced as part of the pandemic. Access to quality mental health services is essential to helping us heal.

— John Kastan, Interim CEO, The Jewish Board

And the needs continue...

Months of lockdown have taken a massive mental health toll on everyone, and the Jewish community is no exception.

Among those suffering acutely: People who lost loved ones to the virus, unable to sit at their bedside and forced to sit shiva on Zoom. Holocaust survivors reliving traumas triggered by the lockdown and scarcity of basic supplies. Healthcare workers who witnessed the worst of the pandemic up close, risking themselves to save others. Seniors dealing with the ongoing fear of getting sick and the strain of isolation. Survivors of domestic violence, trapped with their abusers. Those who lost jobs and are in financial distress.

We’re also providing support directly to day school educators and clergy, who are on the front lines and often struggling themselves to navigate our new normal and the obligations placed on them.

Your support will allow UJA to continue to fund and enhance critical mental health services for people of all ages.

These services — from recovery programs to online counseling sessions — are the difference between feeling hopeless and knowing there’s a community that has your back.

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