Upward New York


Since Covid struck…

  • New York's unemployment rate

    increased 5x.

  • 70% of UJA's partners

    – including JCCs and Hillels – identify unemployment as an issue affecting their constituents.

  • In NYC households affected by job loss,

    73% of
    New Yorkers

    feel depressed or hopeless.

  • 646,100
    fewer jobs

    in the private sector across NYC compared to last year.

A job loss is one of the worst financial shocks most families will face, making it extremely difficult to make ends meet.

— Brookings Institution, 7.13.2020

And the needs continue...

Long before Covid-19 hit, approximately one-third of all Jews in the New York area were living in or near poverty. When New York shut down, all but the most essential businesses were forced to close their doors. So many laid off workers were seeking to file unemployment claims that New York State’s Labor website crashed. Among those especially hard hit: Gig workers. Restaurant employees. Immigrants. It’s clear that many business sectors will be in a prolonged slump.

Your support will ensure that our partners located in areas of dense Jewish poverty can enhance workforce development programs.

These include things like job training and certification, resume writing, interview practice, and internship and job placement. But we’re not just placing people in jobs — we’re looking to launch careers. Because supporting pathways to employment is vital to the community’s recovery.

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