In Israel

For those looking for a hands-on approach to help Israel rebuild, UJA has identified several organizations seeking volunteers at this time.*
Whether it’s physically helping to rebuild communities, taking the place of individuals called up for the reserves, picking fruits and vegetables on a kibbutz farm, sorting and packing supplies for displaced people, or simply being there to fill a gap in need, there are many vital roles to play.

Authentic Israel
Israelis of all backgrounds have united around a collective volunteering effort in support of the displaced border communities and the security services' mission.

Authentic Israel invites adult travelers of all ages to tap into this national volunteering drive — for the people of Israel, in the land of Israel, while the need is greatest. Our week-long programs feature 4-6 hours per day of volunteering in support of displaced communities, the troops, and Israeli society as a whole. Along the way, we visit impacted communities, stand in solidarity with the families of the hostages, and meet with subject matter experts. The program is based out of Jerusalem, is fully escorted with security, and provides all meals. Dates are currently scheduled through May 2024.

The Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP)
In the EVP Mass-Feeding Unit, there are two unique and exciting opportunities to volunteer with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF): EVP Mass-Feeding Unit and Cooking for IDF — Make a Soldier smile. In a national emergency, hundreds of thousands of people are in a situation where access to fresh, nutritious meals is limited or non-existent. Working through Israel’s Home Front Command, EVP has established a fleet of mobile kitchens that deploy to provide fresh, healthy meals to needy populations across Israel during and after national emergencies and disasters.

Leket Israel
Support Israeli Farmers and volunteer to help. During this difficult time, Israeli farmers need your help more than ever. Many farmers were drafted into the reserves or lost their farmhands for a variety of reasons. As a result, their produce is being left in the fields to rot. Leket Israel is recruiting volunteers to send to our Israeli farmer partners during their time of crisis.

Livnot and One Front 
Come Help Rebuild The South! Livnot is now offering a unique one or two-week volunteering program in Gaza Border Communities with a Shabbat in Tzfat. Assist professionals in renovating kindergartens and senior citizen social rooms on kibbutzim. Also, participate in nearby agricultural projects. Only $150 a week (or $250 for two-weeks), includes: housing, two meals a day, and educational classes. Designed for adults of all ages with an interest in spirituality and strengthening your ties with Judaism – our traditions, the land and the people. We continue to offer volunteer programs in Tzfat.

Join Masa’s new six-week volunteer program, designed in response to the ongoing conflict.

During your six weeks in Israel, you will engage in impactful volunteer work. Choose your volunteer initiative and be part of Israel’s story of resilience.

Second Line
This initiative serves as a platform to support frontline trauma and mental care in Israel. It was formed in the aftermath of October 7 in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Health and the Israel Trauma Coalition, is supported by the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) and Birthright, and is focused on global recruitment and deployment of mental healthcare professionals to travel to Israel or to volunteer remotely to provide individual and group care to affected individuals, families, and local mental healthcare professionals working on the ground in Israel. 

Taglit Birthright Israel
Take action and volunteer! Taglit-Birthright Israel's Onward Volunteer program is a unique opportunity to stand with the people of Israel during these difficult times.

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