Serve as a Foreign Language Translator or Interpreter

In New York City, HIAS resettles newly arrived refugees, provides legal support for asylum seekers, and engages volunteers to extend the reach of our current services. Volunteer Interpreters and Translators assist with interpretation and translation needs to provide ongoing support to refugees, asylees, and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders.  Under the direction of HIAS staff, the primary responsibility of the interpreter/translator volunteer is to facilitate accurate, culturally competent, and sensitive communication between non-English speaking clients and HIAS staff. All HIAS interpreters and translators are required to undergo HIAS' Volunteer Interpreter/Translator training once accepted. This role directly impacts the lives, resettlement and legal processes of our clients as they navigate the U.S. refugee resettlement, asylum, and integration process.

*Translators and Interpreters spend, on average, 2 hours per week volunteering their time and language expertise to HIAS and HIAS’ asylum seeking clients in person, over the phone, or through remote written translation.

What to know before you volunteer:

  • All volunteers must be 18+.
  • All volunteer roles are currently completely virtual
  • Knowledge of a foreign language is not required for most opportunities.
  • Volunteer time commitment will vary depending on volunteer opportunity.
  • Each volunteer’s schedule and meeting location is unique to their individual volunteer role. 

HIAS Volunteers are:

  • Committed to supporting refugees, asylees and asylum seekers thrive in their new communities.
  • Patient, flexible, culturally sensitive, empathetic, and resourceful
  • Representative of a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds

Interested? Click on the sign up button to get started. Please note that all interpreters are required to sign a confidentiality agreement due to the nature of HIAS' work.

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