Advocating for a Better World

More voices are more powerful. That’s why we’re strengthening the relationships between the Jewish community and our neighbors, and drawing from the Jewish tradition of social justice to help make the world better for all. We’re collaborating and advocating. Building coalitions with interfaith partners around causes that affect all New Yorkers, such as immigration legislation, the opioid crisis, and other timely issues. And we engage the community in action, through volunteer opportunities that express a Jewish response to social justice issues — including MLK Day and 9/11 Day of Service, among others. Taking action and raising our voice around issues of common cause is in our DNA.

The Facts:

  • In New York City, more than three million immigrants from more than 150 countries represent nearly 40% of all New Yorkers.
  • Each day in New York City, about three people die from a drug overdose.
  • Opioids are involved in more than 80% of all overdose deaths.
  • Only 12% of eligible New Yorkers voted in the mayoral primaries last year and only 26% voted in the general election in November.

Our Impact:

  • We’re securing critical government funds. Our advocacy, in partnership with other faith-based organizations, yielded $554 million in city, state, and federal funding to help the most vulnerable New Yorkers.
  • We’re protecting women’s health and reproductive rights. We’re supporting the National Council of Jewish Women, working in partnership with Lady Parts Justice League and the National Institute for Reproductive Health, to educate the community and mobilize action to expose pregnancy centers that mislead women about reproductive choices.
  • We’re promoting immigration rights. We’re funding an interfaith network of study, trainings, and activism with Congregation Beit Simchat Torah and Judson Memorial Church to provide direct support for immigrants at risk as they face legal proceedings.
  • We’re fighting the opioid epidemic. With our support, Long Island Congregations, Associations, and Neighborhoods (LI-CAN) is raising awareness about the opioid crisis and developing best practices for prevention, treatment, and recovery.
  • We’re ensuring everyone’s vote counts. Through our funding, Brooklyn-based synagogue Kolot Chayeinu and Manhattan based synagogue Lab/Shul will partner with Faith in New York, a multi-faith organization in New York City, on a voter initiative to make the voting process more accessible to all New Yorkers.
  • We’re helping people make time for good. We mobilized 25,000 volunteers last year who gave 215,000 hours of service.

With many thanks to our generous donors and network of nonprofits for making all this possible.

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