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We treat the elderly like family and help them lead vital lives.

Our investments give the elderly access to best-in-class services including counseling, home-delivered kosher meals, and companionship so they can stay independent and active for as long as possible.

The Facts:

  • 1.7 million people age 65 or older live in the New York area.
  • 112,000 seniors living in Jewish households in the New York are poor or near-poor.
  • 1 in 5 Israeli seniors struggle to make ends meet.
  • 380,000 elderly people of all backgrounds in the New York area live in poverty.
  • 500,000 aging adults in the New York area struggle with some kind of disability.

Our Impact:

  • 123,000 elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union receive food and medicine.
  • 16,000 Holocaust survivors in New York and Israel receive emergency cash assistance, counseling, legal services, and other vital help. Learn more about our work with Holocaust survivors.
  • 5,000 low-income seniors in the New York area receive affordable housing in safe neighborhoods.
  • 7,600 elderly Jews in Central and Eastern Europe receive nutritious food so they won’t go hungry.
  • 52,000 elderly Israelis benefit from home care, communal dining, social clubs, and counseling.
  • $5.5 million was secured — thanks to our advocacy — to restore and add programs to Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, allowing thousands of seniors to age in place.

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