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We’re proud to be the big tent that welcomes Jews of all backgrounds.

Our investments foster connections between Jews in New York — including interfaith families and people of every background and sexual orientation — and unite the Jewish community around issues of common cause.

The Facts:

  • 22% of all married Jewish couples in the New York area are married to non-Jews and some are searching for connections to the Jewish community.
  • 234,000 people in New York live in Russian-speaking Jewish households and for some there isn’t an easy bridge to the broader Jewish community.
  • 50,000 Jews in the New York area live in LGBTQ households. But there aren’t enough opportunities for them to explore their Jewish and LGBTQ identity, and there are still barriers to full inclusion.

Our Impact:

  • 11,500 local Russian Jews connect to our community through programs that offer meaningful Jewish experiences.
  • $420,000 was granted last year alone to bring Jewish programming to interfaith families.
  • 300,000 Israeli Jews learn about all streams of Judaism to create a more inclusive, diverse society.
  • $1 million was granted over the last decade by UJA to enable New York and Israeli LGBTQ Jews to share experiences of religious tolerance, pluralism, joint programming, and skill building.

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