Our communities are wonderfully diverse. And this diversity makes us all stronger.

Every day, we nurture welcoming and accessible Jewish communities, neighborhood by neighborhood, region by region. From Harlem to Fort Greene. From Kew Gardens to Riverdale. From Midwood to Mamaroneck. From Long Island to Staten Island. We foster connections between Jewish New Yorkers of every stripe — including interfaith families and people of every color, background, and sexual orientation — to unite the Jewish community. We’re Jewish New Yorkers — audacious, creative, and proud of what makes each one of us unique.


Some Facts:

  • 1.3 million New Yorkers have some kind of disability.
  • 30% of New York area Jewish households are home to an immigrant to the U.S.
  • 24% of New York area-Jews are Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox).
  • 22% of all married Jewish couples in the New York area are intermarried.
  • 12% of local Jewish households are home to racially diverse families.
  • 234,000 people in New York live in Russian-speaking Jewish households.
  • 50,000 Jews in the New York area live in LGBTQ households.

Our Impact:

  • We’ve made it possible for 14,500 people with physical disabilities to experience the joy of summer camp and year-round residential programs for nearly three decades.
  • We’re supporting counseling, career assessment, and internships for young people with autism and other disabilities so they can gain independence and make their mark at work. Read more about our work supporting people with disabilities and special needs.
  • We’re bringing Jews of every background together for Shabbat dinners and communitywide conversations featuring prominent thinkers like Tal Ben-Shahar, Harvard’s “happiness” professor.
  • We’re connecting 34,000 local Russian Jews to our community through hundreds of programs that offer meaningful Jewish experiences.
  • We’re supporting initiatives at camps, synagogues, and organizations that serve LGBTQ Jews. Learn more.
  • We’re creatively meeting the needs of incredibly diverse (and new!) Jewish neighborhoods. Find out how.

With many thanks to our generous donors and network of nonprofits for making all this possible.

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