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We believe all Jews should have access to a meaningful Jewish life.

Our investments promote Jewish identity, reimagine cornerstones like summer camps and Jewish day schools, and seed cutting-edge programs for people of all ages.

The Facts:

  • 32% of young Jews in the U.S. identify as Jewish only on the basis of ancestry, ethnicity, or culture.
  • 43% of American Jews say that caring about Israel is essential to their Jewish identity.
  • 80% of Jews in Russia and Ukraine intermarry.
  • 17 – 20% of all local Jewish children attend a Jewish day or overnight summer camp.

Our Impact:

  • 30,000 local college students benefit from Jewish programs at 12 Hillels.
  • $1 million in scholarships goes to New York area families for Jewish day school tuition.
  • 7,000 Jewish kids across the New York area receive scholarships to attend Jewish summer camps.
  • 7,150 young Jewish adults from the New York area have their first organized trip to Israel.
  • 671,000 people visit kveller.com every month, seeking meaningful conversations about raising their kids Jewishly.

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