People choose different paths on today’s contemporary Jewish journey and we need to explore the many ways to connect to Jewish moments. That’s why we’re reimagining cornerstones like Jewish summer camps and day schools, and seeding groundbreaking programs that connect people to our rich tradition in modern, innovative ways. Whether in New York, Israel, or the former Soviet Union, we’re creating access to opportunities for Jews of all ages and all backgrounds.

Looking to the future, we’re renovating hundreds of acres of UJA-owned campgrounds so that thousands of children, including those from low-income families and those with disabilities, can swim, play, and make friends at first-rate day camps. That’s how today’s campers can become tomorrow’s Jewish leaders.

This is where Jewish life in all its forms takes root — and thrives.


The Facts:

  • 53% of Jews under 30 in the U.S. identify as Jewish on the basis of ancestry, ethnicity, or culture
  • 43% of American Jews say that caring about Israel is essential to their Jewish identity.
  • 22% of all married Jewish couples in New York are intermarried.

Our Impact:

  • 382,000 people visit every month, seeking meaningful conversations on raising their kids Jewishly.
  • 47,000 young Jews from the former Soviet Union discover what it means to be Jewish.
  • 106,571 young Jewish New Yorkers have experienced the wonder of Israel in the past five years, thanks to our support of Birthright.
  • 17,000 local college students stay connected to the Jewish community through 15 campus Hillels.
  • 16,000 kids across the New York area enjoy meaningful Jewish experiences at summer camp.
  • $1 million in scholarships goes to New York-area families for Jewish day school tuition.

With many thanks to our generous donors and network of nonprofits for making all this possible.

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