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UJA FSU is a welcoming space for Jews with roots in the former Soviet Union who want to come together as a community of philanthropists to strengthen their community and beyond.
Join us to connect with other leaders who are giving back to help people in need of all backgrounds and build a thriving Jewish community in New York and around the world.

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  • 82,200 seniors and Holocaust survivors in the FSU aided by services.

  • 96,900 people have received employment services in New York, Israel, and the world.

  • $12.4 million in emergency cash assistance was distributed by our local partners.

  • 2.636 million people visited food pantries around the world.

  • Nearly $25 million allocated in emergency funding to provide relief to the people of Ukraine.

  • We've got what it takes to get things done. Learn more.


Nadya Belenkiy
Jonathan Levin



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