We’re committed to the promise of a vibrant, inclusive, democratic, Jewish state — now and always. 
We’ve been standing with Israel since its earliest days. Today, we’re working with Israelis to help all citizens become self-sufficient members of a more inclusive society. In crisis and every day, our funding supports critical services for victims of terror, Holocaust survivors, impoverished children, and people on the margins. We’re also funding (and even operating) programs that promote peaceful coexistence between Israelis of all backgrounds. 
In one of our most ambitious endeavors yet, we’re opening an arts campus in Jerusalem to ensure a dynamic next chapter for Israel’s capital, one that’s rich with diversity. 

Our Impact

  • 85,700 at-risk Israeli children benefit from services. 

  • 50,600 Israeli seniors benefit from life-enhancing

  • 30,300 Israelis receive employment services or job training. 

  • 12,200 new olim receive services to acclimate to Israeli life. 

  • 5,300 Israelis receive trauma relief services. 

  • 3,300 Ethiopian teens receive services to help them succeed academically. 

  • 2,000 Haredim receive job training. 

  • $1.8 million in loans given to struggling small businesses.


Over the worst months of the pandemic, we allocated $4.5 million in emergency Covid-relief funding, in addition to the tens of millions we give Israeli partners annually. Funds were used to combat food insecurity, help the new poor, support struggling small businesses, provide services for at-risk children, strengthen leadership and volunteer networks, and develop technological solutions to Covid-related challenges.

a Vibrant Israel

We’re fostering connections between New York and Israel — the two great centers of Jewish life.

We’re committed to strengthening bonds between diverse groups in Israel — and between New York Jewry and Israel.
Where Collaboration Begins
  • Our groundbreaking Co.Lab initiative brings together Israeli changemakers who represent the diversity of Israeli society — Haredi, Arab, LGBTQ, Ethiopian, and more — to collaborate on a shared vision for Israel’s future.  
Modeling Cooperation
  • Through our support of partners on the ground, we’re working toward peaceful coexistence between Jewish and Arab members of Israeli society. Following the violence in Israel’s mixed cities in May 2021, Hand in Hand helped Arab and Jewish students in an integrated high school share their experiences with each other and strengthen their student community. Our grantee, The aChord Center, created guides for employers and educators on how to cope with tensions between Arab and Jewish Israelis in the workplace and on college campuses. MAOZ, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and other partners organized events to promote and strengthen relationships across the country. As calmer days prevail, we continue to work with our Israeli partners in building a future based on a shared community.  
Toward Greater Understanding
  • Through funding to the Jewish Agency, we supported the development of The New Jew, a four-episode miniseries that follows well-known Israeli host Guri Alfi as he travels the United States, introducing contemporary American Jewish life to Israelis.

  • We’re bringing Israeli influentials to visit New York to help Israelis develop a greater understanding of and sensitivity to Jewish life in North America. 

  • In partnership with the Jewish Agency, we support a delegation of Israeli emissaries (shlichim) who work with 110 New York organizations to bring Israel education to community members of all ages. These emissaries ran more than 400 programs and engaged over 18,000 people each year.


Two programs created by UJA — Co.Lab (also operated by UJA) and the Israel Trauma Coalition — are helping Israelis struggling with trauma after conflict with Hamas and the civil unrest that took place at the same time.

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