Our communities are wonderfully diverse. And this diversity makes us all stronger. Every day, we nurture welcoming and accessible Jewish communities, neighborhood by neighborhood, region by region.

From Forest Hills to Fort Greene. Kew Gardens to Kensington. Midwood to Mamaroneck. Long Island to Staten Island. We foster connections between Jewish New Yorkers of all backgrounds and identities. We’re Jewish New Yorkers — audacious, creative, and proud of what makes each one of us unique.

“We talk a lot in this country about the importance of civics, of being involved in society and taking an active role. I think there’s kind of a Jewish civics that says we have to get involved in our synagogue, in our Federation. That’s why I sought out UJA.”

- Seffi Kogen (second from left) with friends

Our Beautifully Diverse Community


Our Impact

  • 7,800 children and teens with special needs, served by our local partners.

  • 1,400 children and teens with special needs participated in day or residential camps in the New York area.

  • 2,200 Jews of Color receive support through services and programs.

  • 37,000 people participate in LGBTQ programs.

This is what pride looks like. We’re more committed than ever to funding projects so people who are LGBTQ have access to engaging and supportive spaces and resources.

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