• We advocated for


    at our nonprofit partners.

  • We fought to


    for Holocaust survivors.

  • We advocated to


    to more front-line workers.

  • We pushed for

    equitable vaccine distribution

    across NY state.

We raced against the clock to get vaccines to the most vulnerable — and to provide funding and resources to help lift New Yorkers out of this pandemic.

— Louisa Chafee,
UJA senior vice president of external relations and public policy

And the needs continue...

New variants are showing up in New York. And people are still getting sick with Covid.

Just as we fought and pushed for access and eligibility, we’re continuing to advocate to meet new demands. We’re working with our nonprofit partners to respond to new requirements around mandatory vaccinations, ongoing testing, and masking.

We’re doing what it takes to help keep all New Yorkers safe.

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