Giving New York A Boost

Community Grants

  • We're helping people in the

    hardest-hit neighborhoods

    to access the vaccine.

  • We're


    who are hesitant to get the vaccine.

  • We're investing at the grassroots level to

    build trust

    in the messages communities receive.

  • We're responding to a key need and

    providing transportation

    to vaccine sites.

Support from UJA enables us to educate the Orthodox community about the vaccine in a culturally specific fashion and address concerns, especially for young women and women of childbearing age.

— Dr. Mimi (Miriam) Knoll, M.D.,
president, Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association


And the needs continue...

Over 40 percent of New Yorkers express hesitancy to get the vaccine. Some of the hardest-hit communities have serious concerns about getting a shot. And scheduling appointments and getting transportation to sites are huge challenges for the most vulnerable members of our community.

To meet these needs, we’re providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to over 90 community-based organizations to help people get access to vaccines in their own neighborhoods. Through investing in these local grassroots nonprofits, we’re making it possible for people to get information from sources they trust, so they can make decisions that work best for them. And by offering transportation to vaccine sites, we’re helping to ensure people get their shots.

"With funding from UJA, we can provide more information to our community, which is mostly Black, Latinx, and Chinese, to improve their confidence in the vaccine as well as their accessibility to it."
— Thanh Bui, Managing Director of Youth and Community at Grand St. Settlement

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